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Fields BMW is a horribly run organization. They do not pay their vendors (including the me) and slow pay everyone else I have talked to that deals with them.

I would not and will not buy, sell or get my BMW maintained with Fields at any cost.

This has been and will continue to be my word of mouth recommendation and promotion for the Fields Auto Group organization until John Mantione or anyone else in authority at Fields pays their bills for work that was contracted. Commitment to your vendors is a direct reflection of the commitment you would provide your customers...Careless

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Horrible place. Stay far away.

Everyone staffed is severely unqualified. No one knows what they are doing. Service manager is an airhead and bigot. Fields is far from professional.

Winter Park location is the biggest dump ever. There other locations are better. If they would get rid of the *** in winter park they might see progress. Until they do take your bmw elsewhere.

They deserve no business. Bunch of obvious "dealers".

Orlando, Florida, United States #819637

Took my 2004 Z4 in for service on my convertable top. The estimate went was $1800 when we said no thanks that's too high they dropped it to $1600 so we said go ahead and fix it.

Then I get a call that the price has gone up to $8000. Seriously!?!?

They are still going to charge me for labor and their service fee when I pick it up. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING!


All I can say is good luck in dealing with the management and staff of this organization. My personal experience has been far less than stellar.


I completely agree! Fields misrepresents many of there CPO BMW vehicles.

Trust me, I know from experience. Attention Consumers: Be extremely careful when you purchase any used or new vehicle from them.

By the way , make sure and read the vehicle sales contract at purchase. They like to squeeze in that you can never sue them or arbitrate any disputes after the purchase.


RAR sounds like someone that works for Fields still.

Funny thing about Fields and the slime ball management that operates Fields BMW in Winter Park Florida.

I can gurantee they have screwed alot of vendors as well as customers over the years.


RE: Fields Auto Group

The Winter Park Florida Office has all the documentation. I sent invoices, contract copies and collections notices from an attorneys office every 2 weeks for 4 months. I called for the same duration. I received no contact, sat on hold with your company only to be hung up on and treated with more disrespect than anyone should be subjected to.

I don't believe it is my duty in any further way to send you more documentation. I would prefer my time be spent spreading the word about your company. If you want any of the documentation it should be on record with John Mantione at Fields BMW Orlando as he is the one that screwed me over. You can reach him at or (407) 628-2100‎


Dear RAR, I have a hard time believing your experience is as "Enjoyable" as you make it out to be. You sound like someone from Fields Automotive Group trying to cover the many vendors they have screwed over.

The funny thing is I agree entirely with the original post. Hired to do "Cause Marketing" for Fields BMW in Winter Park Florida, we were to create a campaign convincing the local people of Orlando that Fields was an incredible company and is committed to building community. We contracted for the term of the project, began work on the initiative and could not get anyone to support Fields Automotive Group. All of the sponsors and executives in the Central Florida we approached wanted nothing to do with the company and it's practices. Needless to say, we were able to gain some serious traction with the campaign which had a great response from the public. "We were convincing the public that Fields was great!".

In return, they ran up a $17,000 bill and slow payed for 3 months until we stopped doing work to force payment. In return, they sent an email stating they will not pay anything due, knowing very well we were not big enough to take legal action.

The worst part about everything they did, was the phony face they put on to convince the public and the entire freelance staff I had hired that went unpaid until I could manage the deficiency. Fields BMW in Winter Park is detrimental and deceitful to the Orlando Florida community.

"Personally, I feel that the company, the executives and anyone aligned with them are just as slimy as Bernie Madoff."


Dear TMWebster - Please email with any back up that you may regarding invoices. This email will be read at our Corporate Office.


I have worked as a vendor 17+ years for Fields BMW as well as the other local Fields Auto Group dealers. I have not had any of the problems you attempted to describe.

In my experience working with Fields BMW as a vendor has shown me that Fields is a quality business.

They have always been fair and professional, committed to their customer's satisfaction. A committment I share.

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