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And it gets even WORSE: 71K miles and a waterpump (coolant pump) bearing failure, resulting in an $800 unplanned repair. The BMW gift keeps giving, and screwing.

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I'm writing to express disappointment in the quality of the 2007 BMW X5 that I ordered and purchased, brand new, several years ago. I have been the only owner.

On 13 July, 2011, with only 56,201 miles, our BMW X5 suffered what an independent BMW auto repair shop later diagnosed as a "total electrical meltdown involving almost all powertrain components and data bus system."

Symptoms upon startup that morning included a Level Control System malfunction light, a Transmission malfunction warning, a Parking Brake malfunction warning, a Passenger Restraint malfunction warning, an All-Wheel Drive, DSC, ABS, and Emergency ABV malfunction warning, as well as rapid windshield wiper movement and an intermittent engine start button.

I am an Officer in the United States Navy, on Active Duty, and I deployed that morning for almost six weeks; I have recently returned. The burden of coordinating an automobile tow and repair that day was left to my wife, mother of our two children.

We purchased the BMW based on its now-tarnished reputation for quality, and we paid much more for this vehicle than we would have for something like a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna. We were willing to pay more with the understanding that, during my long and frequent absences, my wife and family would have a reliable and safe vehicle.

I feel this decision to purchase this BMW product was a mistake, and one I never intend to repeat. The vehicle was only 6,000 miles outside of the 50,000 mile warranty, and yet none of the $1,781.31 invoice was covered by BMW – it was covered solely by my savings.

I have requested recompensation for this expense, but BMW has refused, as my wife had it repaired locally instead of towed, again at her cost, 120 miles to Seattle to the BMW dealership. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend any BMW product to any of my military coworkers or civilian friends.

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Yes .bmw x5 2007 Is scrappy and it happens today to me on 71k miles . I have the same word what you posted here .today I felt that why did I buy this expensive car which is not even go until 100000 miles without major issues's really *** *** car !!

I don't recommend this car for any of my friends

New Hudson, Michigan, United States #705055

Sadly, your BMW likely suffered a corrosion issue with the CAN bas interconnect, it was likely easily resolved by not spilling soda and coffe in the center consoule. The CAN interconnects run along the center of the vehicle. The repair was as minor as a wire brush and some contact cleaner more then likely.

The independant BMW repair shop hosed you fairly well.

Sorry for your luck


Exact same thing today happened with me and its a 2010 X5. Good thing is it is under warranty and has only 22000 miles. I will get this fixed but for sure will escalate to corporate to the highest level.


43,000 miles, same problem, same car. BMW Roadside came out and got the car, but there was no loaner available.

They took it to BMW Escondido. Will be interesting to see what the dealer diagnosis is.

I feel for your wife, as I did the same this morning. My only upside is that we are 5,000 miles within the warranty.


Update: Received several phone calls from a BMW service customer representative who was professional and apologetic, but also blunt in telling me that because BMW could not physically confirm the original problem or the proper repair, there would be no reimbursement. The conversation took a comical turn when he asked me if there was anything further he could do, and I said yes, how about even partial reimbursement, or a coupon for future BMW service, as I was sure to need it given my X5's current track record.

He reiterated his company's position, so I thanked him for his time, and he made the mistake of asking me AGAIN if there was anything he could do...

and I advised him to leave the BMW company as it is clearly a sinking ship of poor quality blended with high performance and doltish consumer service. I'm buying an Audi next, or a Ford.


Thanks for the advice. I'll take a look. Much appreciated.


I honestly think you should make this complain to the vehicle inspection body on

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