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Purchased 2007 BMW 335I in late 2010 and got the full bumper to bumper warranty coverage until mid 2013. Immediately noticed two problems: 1) rough idle after cold start and 2) turbo lag.

Although I have an email from a Classic BMW service rep stating that his technician verified the two problems and thought it was due to cylinder misfire, Classic has continually refused to fix because the problems because they do not show a code on their diagnostic computer. After the initial advisor's email verifying the problem, which I pointed out, they gave me a different advisor, apparently one who is more skilled at ripping off consumers and coming up with excuses not to fix the problem. I then escalated to service management, who also politely refused to repair unless the problems showed a computer code. I told them there was nothing in the literature requiring a computer code, and that they physically verified the problem, but to no avail.

BMW NA customer service has been called 3x and they're no help at all--they defer to the dealer and their diagnostic method. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is NOTHING in the warranty about a computer code being a necessary precondition to making repairs. Classic BMWs own service advisor and technician have verified the problem in an email to me and they still won't fix my car under warranty.

Needless to say, never again, Classic, and never again, BMW.

Given that this seems to be a willful pattern of misrepresentation and breach of warranty, next stop is TX Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, then suit if necessary. Don't buy BMW and don't trust Classic BMW.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bmw Car.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Schererville, Indiana, United States #767799

Had a 2007 X-5 ordered new from factory all whistles and bells except the rear mounted TV screens. When it was under warranty it was in the shop more then on the road.

Couldn't shift it into drive, baffles in heater/AC stuck blowing air only out of the top vents. Wheel tire pressure sensors had to be replaced, on and on. The kicker was when it was out of warranty, complete water pump failure on the highway at 49,000 miles and a $1,700 repair bill + towing cost.

Had it repaired and traded it in for an American sedan at another dealer. This was my second BMW X-5 should have known better, lesson learned as I will never buy another BMW vehicle!


David, thank you for taking the time to to discuss your experience and giving us the opportunity to work to make things right between us. I am glad we were able to take care of the rough idle, which was the primary issue as you stated. As a BMW Center of Excellence recipient, we continue to strive toward excellence in all areas of our dealership with your help.

to John Kobell Dallas, Texas, United States #837972

Classic bmw has the most dysfunctional service department in America, it is so ingrained in their culture that it has becomed irreversible, mr. Maas has been sheltered from the problems by unscrupulous service managers chief among them mr kobell, before he was the gm at classic, I have dozens of documented cases where customers with perfectly valid compaints even when the issue ensued while the car was in the dealership possession the person was summarily dismissed and not whitout their intelligence being thoroughly insulted

Mr maas cannot in any way be absolved of this morass, as an owner he needs to be intimately involved with all aspects of his business, while I was at classic I saw maas maybe three times looking the spiffy owner part irrevocably screwing the legacy his father ( a way more capable business man) left him.

to truthinadvertisment #1422867

The dealership has one goal and that is to take the very best care of it's customers. We have the opportunity to repair almost 200 BMWs per day and delivering a 100% positive experience is our goal, but of course it is not possible.

I witness the issues with clients not understanding the issues or not believing the issues. We work toward hiring and training technicians and advisors to be the best at their jobs and in most cases it comes down to the communication skills that we use. I believe that this company is one of the very best that represents this brand in the US. Are we perfect?

no. Do we work toward making the client happy? Yes. Do I feel horrible about the words written about me and my business?

yes. We have 310 employees dedicated to BMW at Classic BMW and we do try very hard every day to deliver the best experience possible.

Can we do better? Of course we can.

to Eric Maas #1632096

Here’s a hint...get better service people! Patrick in performance is terrible about following up.

Returning calls, to the point where I had to go there in person to get a response. Chuong is no better as his voicemail is constantly full (probably on purpose) and doesn’t return calls either when left a message.

You might want to visit Yelp and look at the comments both John and Chuong post using your account there are far more complaints than compliments. Sewell BMW in Grapevine will now be my destination as I drive last Classic.....

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